New Appliances for sale

Do you require an electric cooker, dishwasher, washing machine or tumble dryer? Why not call Craig’s today for a free quote? We are specialists in domestic appliances and have a dedicated team of staff whom have been serving throughout Coventry for over 20 years and have built up a reputable company. All our appliances are priced very competitively.


We sell most makes of washing machines at cheap prices. All machines are graded from ‘A’ to ‘E’ for Wash performance, Energy efficiency and Spin efficiency with “A-Grade” being the best in each area. “AAA-Grade” models are the best in the market. We also provide services washing machine repairs.


All of our electrical cookers are top of the range cookers at reasonable prices. They are easy to clean, feature four hobs, and are fan-assisted. Some models even have safety light indicators to reduce the risk even further. We also supply services for electric cooker repairs, contact us for more information.


Whether your fitting out a new kitchen or your replacing an old dishwasher, here at Craigs we have a wealth of expertise. We provide a huge range of different brands, and our dishwashers come in slim-line or full-size models. We also supply services for dishwasher repairs, call us for more information.


Here at Craigs we have a wide range of tumble dryers, which we not only fix, but that we sell as well at highly competitive prices. You will be amazed at the vast selection of products on show, please give us a call and we will be happy to direct you into making the right choice.